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Lead Management CRM Software

Election Management Software

We provide powerful and secure online Election Management Software for easy self-managed elections or polls.

Combination of Cloud Telephony

Leads means it is a must have business process to enable effective leads generation

Combination of Cloud Telephony
Virtual Number Services

Virtual Number Services

We offer Franchise for our Virtual Mobile Number Services, which allow companies to present a professional image and receive calls anywhere in the world.

  • Election Management

    Election management system is important for maintaining authenticity of the election, it is beneficial for analyzing the voter list and analyzing the number of votes during the time of the election. Election management system is the optimum system which provides information about the zone or a district.

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  • Lead Management

    The lead management system is the prominent tool for generating sales for the market, it is helpful in enhancing your business standards and attracting the target audience. The lead management system is a perfect system for analyzing your marketing campaign effectively. This program helps a company to develop the advertising strategy.

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  • CRM Project

    CRM Management system is a program used for maintaining the interaction between the customer and the company. It is beneficial for enhancing the business standards and customer relations. It is useful for the sales executive to get in contact with the and work according to their expectation. It requires various mediums to communicate with the audience.

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  • LeadIVR

    LeadIVR Services is for catering sales and marketing solutions, this service is particularly for evaluating the sales and marketing campaign, it is basically for the business to business requirement. LeadIVR provides relevant information to the clients about the company.

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How It Works :

Advantages :

  • Increased marketing and lead management proficiency.
  • Keep track of opportunities within a single database.
  • Manage leads & sales' lifecycle that accelerate ROI.
  • Give a top level of control over the business.
  • Streamlines all the business communication.
  • Auto Feedback, Reduce support request costs.

Features :

  •  Auto Lead Assigning
  •  Report
  •  Working With Lead
  •  User Wise Dashboard Option
  •  Agent Forwording
  •  Lead Capture
  •  Maintain Client Profile
  •  Follow Up
  •  Call Recording
  •   SMS Campaign
  •  Follow Up Notifications
  •  History Report
  •  Bulk Lead Import
  •  Download Recording
  •  Email To Client
  •  Desktop Notifications
  •  Client Searching
  •  Lead IVR Feature (Sticky)
  •  Google Adwords Report
  •  View Lead / Client History

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